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Welcome to Achiltibuie and Coigach
A very special place where you can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday beside clean seas and beaches, tranquil lochs & islands and the spectacular mountain scenery of Wester Ross & Sutherland.

192 B&B is now closed

For top quality accommodation in Polbain we recommend Castlehill self-catering Cottage.

castlehill self catering cottage achiltibuie

Castlehill Cottage Polbain

Achiltibuie self catering cottage sun lounge

Castlehill Cottage Polbain

Located on Scotland’s northwest coast, Achiltibuie and the Coigach peninsula enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in the Scottish Highlands.
You can forget the rest of the world here for a day or a month, where the view may be different every time you look at it and the surrounding landscape will often take your breath away.


Don’t rush your stay. If the weather is good you’ll want to linger. achiltibuie self catering location

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